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Our team

The CHEX initiative is a community project that wouldn't have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the Uniting Harris Community Centre and local community members.

3000+ hrs 

volunteer and pro-bono work

since launching in 2020

Community engagement and project development

Oscar Sanchez, Karen Henoch-Ryugo, Frankie Yue Zheng, Felix Ha, Jessica Nakakawa

Grant management

Oscar Sanchez, Frankie Yue Zheng

Program dashboard and back-end database management

Nathan Wratten, Nic Lim

Graphic design, social media and marketing collateral

Jessica Reinoso, Kim Visconti, Etienne Ancelet, Kate Zadel, Samuel Young, Marcus Schmidt

Identity concept design and video production

Etienne Ancelet


Linda Newton, Justina Hanna


Darrell Lao Bagang, Merenia Marin

Project support

Anjali Bidari, Berry Casino, Ranjit Gupta, Dharma Raj Ghimire, Reshma Thapa, Elizabeth Browne, Esra Turunc, Viviane De Sena Ribeiro, Samuel Young, Jessie Yu Li, Anusaya Gurung, Lais Nunes Goncalves, Cristina Coll, Roshani Maharjan

Website design

Kim Visconti

Want to get involved?

Our team is primarily made up of volunteers and local community members.

If you want to get involved at the heart of the initiative then get in touch!

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