Our mission

To support and build a more equal, connected and sustainable community

Our story

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Community members come together with the aim of supporting each other and fostering a closer community spirit


We acknowledge and respect all ancestral lands of Australia’s First Peoples.  

We pay our respects to Elders past and present and we extend that respect to our youth – who will continue to nurture this land and preserve the oldest surviving culture on the planet. 

We serve our obligation to co-create a nation of truth that proudly embraces Australia’s First People’s history, culture and rights, for present and future generations. 

The CHEX initiative is a community project that wouldn't have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the Uniting Harris Community Centre and local community members.

Community engagement and project development: Oscar Sanchez, Karen Henoch-Ryugo and Frankie Yue Zheng
Program dashboard and back-end database management: Nathan Wratten, Nic Lim
Graphic design and marketing collateral: Kimberley Visconti, Marcus Schmidt
Concept design and video production: Etienne Ancelet
Social media: Elizabeth Browne and Samuel Young
Fundraising: Justina Hanna
Consultant: Darrell Lao Bagang and Merenia Marin
Project support: Anjali Bidari, Berry Casino and Ranjit Gupta

Thank you to our

partners and sponsors